What I have wrote bellow is strictly related to the names, so don’t start hatin’. Some of the artists below are ok, in terms of music, but that does not help their names from being…let’s say “uninspired”. Click on the names for more details, if you don’t understand what’s going on there.


15: Chamillionaire

This is the most original combination between chameleon and millionaire.



14. 50 Cent

1. should be plural

2. since he got shot 9 times, fifthy is no longer pronounced like old times, now we have fitty.



13. Lil’ Scrappy( Doo) and every other name that starts with  Lil’ or Young.


12.The Tea Bag Boyz\69 Boyz

Sexual connotation have never been more funnier.

now this is the real tea baggin' shit

11. Birdman &Bird Lady

bird lady birdman

and they're dating too

10. Mr. Cheeks

mr cheeks

badass rapper

9. Crunchy Black

crunchy black


8. Peanut Butter Wolf

Still on the dinning area, I can see how he took advice from:


7.Big Pooh



6. Doodlebug

Digable Planets is actually an insectarium.

digable planets

 5. Da Bush Babees

Ain’t that cute? BUT IT’S WRONG!!!!

da bush babbies

4. Shorty Shitstain

An honorable position for a shitty name, literally.

shorty shitstain


3. Nipsey Hussle

i have no words to describe this…


nipsey hussle

keepin' it real


2.Tity Boi



1. $lav3 Boi

Also known as $MOK3 and SMoke Dogg. Can be seen on the southern plantations.


And the only one who can wear a shitty name with dignity: Mc Pee Pants.

Sadly, he isn’t real. 🙁