Tyler, The Creator – Goblin

Posted: 1st December 2011 by porcobosit in Recenzii Hip Hop

Tyler, The Creator – Goblin, May 10th

tyler the creator goblin album front cover



1. “Goblin” 6:48
2. Yonkers 4:11
3. Radicals 7:18
4. She” (featuring Frank Ocean) 4:13
5. “Transylvania” (produced by Left Brain) 3:12
6. “Nightmare” 5:22
7. “Tron Cat” 4:15
8. “Her” 3:31
9. Sandwitches” (featuring Hodgy Beats) 4:51
10. “Fish / Boppin’ Bitch” 6:19
11. Analog” (featuring Hodgy Beats) 2:54
12. Bitch Suck Dick” (featuring Jasper Dolphin & Taco) 3:36
13. “Window” (featuring Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats & Mike G) 8:00
14. “AU79” (instrumental) 3:40
15. “Golden”

Fans reaction: Well, the opinions here are split, after ‘Yonkers‘ huge success the majority would expect more from Goblin, but many were let down by the different and weird sound. In the same time the new ‘indie hip hoppers‘ wave were more than satisfied and considered this a revolutionary album. It’s a known fact that Tyler attracted a lot of haters because of his attitude, but the same attitude brought him many admirers.

My opinion: I think this album was a real success and different in a positive way.My favorite track is Sandwitches, probably because it has a more rhythmic sound than the rest of the slow tracks where Tyler speaks more than raps, explaining to fans the things he just said. Considering the hype around this artist, maybe it didn’t match my expectations, but I would give it an 8/10 especially for the production part which is amazing and it’s all done by OFGWKTA‘s leader.

I’ve posted the video from She featuring Frank Ocean (great artist) so you can make an opinion about the predominant sound on Goblin if you didn’t listen to it yet.

The album can be ordered on Amazon