It’s February 2011!

Paper Tiger is a producer, member of Doomtree hip hop collective (not known by many, hence the introduction). Moving on, on the 15th, Paper Tiger released his official album called Made Like Us.

Fans reaction (mostly Doomtree fans): the album received many positive critics, being appreciated for it’s sensitivity expressed by instrumentals

My opinion: I totally agree with the fans, Made Like Us has a melodramatic sound that looks like it was well thought and has an elaborate concept with a lullaby smack.

Paper Tiger

Track List

1.First Track
2.2nd Day Back
3.The Bully Plank
4.The Painter’s Arm
5.Make Make 2
8.And the Camera
9.The Tarrio
10. The Ritual
The album can be listend to on his myspace webpage.