Dopehead is an MC from Detroit (from the new ‘rapper wave’ from Detroit more likely) and his album ‘Plaid Palm Trees’ revolves around two topics: haters and wack MC’s.

Personally, I think it is a good album and I recommend it to you.

At the moment, Dope Head is in an US tour along Das Racist.

You can view the ‘Airbags‘ video in the upper section.


01 Plaid Palm Trees (produced by Nick Speed)
02 Sharingan (produced Mister Cotton)
03 Airbags (produced by Drumma B)
04 Drifting feat. Blue Rasperry (produced by Cartie Curt)
05 Free (produced by Drumma B)
06 Mirrors (produced by Sheefy Mcfly)
07 Dope (produced by Drumma B)
08 Pump Up The Volume feat. ZO (produced by Drumma B)
09 Sharks n Fish Tanks (produced by Dayygs)
10 Time Crisis (produced by Drumma B)
11 Sephiroth (produced Skywlkr)
12 My Hood (produced by Drumma B)
13 Young Dog (produced by Drumma B)

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