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Chaos in the hour of black gold still
slicker than a oil spill won’t chill
Here to avenge all the species British Petrol killed
Fuel for my fire
Carl Henric Svanberg true fucking liar
From telecom to building bombs
turning fossil fuels into stocks and bonds
I’m a do it for the small people
Keep writing til we all equal
Keep writing til Carl Bildt goes
Lundin oil guns are drawn
Leaders guzzling
people blood by the litres for gasoline
Phosphorus bombs in the gaza strip
I flow free for the freedom flotilla to dock their ship
West Bank to the far east
Embee on repercussions i’m a play the anarkeys
It’s the hate that hate that state made
so we following the paper trail
and the word’s the economy will stay down
still the world’s a plutonomy playground
So murder Murdoch kill Bill O’Reilly
we gonna get the rich or die trying

Fill me up fuel for my fire
Fill me up a race not for the swift
Fill me up fuel for my fire
Fill me up burn your empire
Fill me up fuel for my fire
Fill me up a race not for the swift
Fill me up fuel for my fire
Fill me up chaos

Apparently an endless resource,
the reasons my voice will stay hoarse
cus stupidity knows no boundaries
what I put out so far is just marginal notes
for the coming generations
we broadcast our research on radio stations
another one in the making
as the world burns, on prime time info-tainment
the road map for peace is now war
our calender’s stuck in 1984
I do spit crimespeak fluently
lovers like you and me – soon to be outlawed
and the money will still be paper
the bank still a pyramid scheme
there will be no heavenly savior
but more of that right wing greed

Welcome to the terrordome the place we call home
Individuals don’t exist we’re all clones
Working feedin the leaders more
It’s time to clock in 1984
Streets on fire kids on a rampage
Eyes burning turning cities to ash trays
Desillusioned by the garbage in the air ways
It’s the eleventh hour and the last days
While we’re walking down that same road
Channel zero feed us another game show
The history repeating itself
Smile while the planet is bleeding to death
Cus it’s all about politics nuttin’ new
Who’s got the answers to all of it? Not a clue
Time is runnin out soon too late to fight
But fill me up I’m ready to vaporize

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