I’m bored with the U.S.A. aşa că m-am gândit să acord o atenţie mai mare hip hop-ului european.

Evident că la început habar nu aveam ce zice băiatul ala mai sus 🙂 dar cum sună mega bine şi are un flow marfă, aşa că am intrat pe lyricstranslate şi am înţeles că „it’s not about the looks” şi că versurile sunt foarte tari, artistul abordând multe din problemele sociale cu care se confruntă Germania.

Samy Deluxe

Mai jos aveţi versurile.

Wake me up

We live in a country with more barriers than roads
More walls than bridges, the atmosphere is negative
And old ask why I smoke pot daily
And why are me and my generation so depressive
Day by day we are surrounded by living dead
Surrounded by signs which say: No entry!
Surrounded by skinheads, who take the lives of Turks and Africans
While cops are standing next to them, just not to create issues
Surrounded by people who say Yes to everything, who just repeat everything
Whose cold, dark blood pumps through the artery
Surrounded by child abusers who are on probation
Yes, just like the sh*t Nazis whose victims are dead
Doesn’t our country have something more in stores
Other than millions of buttheads with a puss full of hemorrhoids
Who think this country should be loved but they are not contended
Fits your frustration, or why did you stay here?
I have to define myself from you wimps
All these sh*tfaces who are stressing me every day
The same people are at the top who are just too greedy
And minorities become minorities but stil they are will be forgotten

Please wake me from this nightmare
People don’t see the forest for the trees
And they try to convince us
That it’s possible to live freely here
Please wake me from this nightmare
People don’t see the forest for the trees
You and me and him and her and it are better off when we try to help ourselves

I’m the guy who leave already after the beginning of the party
Because I can’t celebrate as long as I live in Babylon
Our cards are bad, ruled by psychopaths
Governed by bureaucrats who have no feelings
Controlled by corrupt cops who are sadists most of the time
Suspects search for racist statistics
Feeded by firms which poisened us for years
Informed by the media which reports about it too late
Don’t care for an accident with a car, damages of the THC, soon all of us have BSE
And you still look at your ECG
Before your heart stops and think:
I’d still like to have a steak now (damn)
Pure brainwash, round the clock
And Father State hits and rapes Mother Nature
The politics serve the dark side like Darth Vader
And their horizon is as big as a square meter
No own opinion but ten advisers
Who talk rubbish as if they had a speech defect
Hoping the good electors will still be paying their tax money
But I’m here to raise the alarm like a fire alarm


What does Schröder think about it? I think I’m going to call him
Tell him: Gerhard, look at our youth
A third of them stars at their playstation with open mouth
The second third celebrats in excess as rave-nation
Addicted to diabolic pharmaceutical products
Because they didn’t know the meaning of these sh*t drugs
The third part of them is out on the German streets without a perspective
Kids at the age of 13 already take coke
They have no aims and dreams
And most of the times these are expensive things
Plan their lives no further than this evening
Think at a pinch a restart like similar to Nintendo games will do
Don’t care if they have to die soon
Who wants to grow old in this country
Mehr Mauern als Brücken, die Stimmung ist negativ.
For the old: THAT’S WHY I smoke pot daily and why I and my whole generation are so drepressive


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