Întreg albumul Watching the Throne, care este şi albumul lui de debut, e disponibil la download gratuit pe djbooth.net


Track List:
1. Here Yee Here Yee
2. Celebration ft. Sundown (of Actual Proof)
3. Feast!
4. King Louie ft. Makeshift
5. Dolla Bill Cosby
6. Comin’ Up (Snippet)
7. Posse Up ft. Keno & Haz Solo
8. Joe Jackson (A Tyrant’s Rage)
9. Watching The Throne (Through Rifle & Scope)
10. Off With Their Heads
11. Stones & Crowns ft. PCH
12. Global Warming
13. Re-Siege The Throne ft. Sean Boog (Away Team)
14. The Dungeon
15. Reign
16. Love Live The King
17. Cold World
18. Mellow Me Out
19. Smoke One For Doom ft. Abstract Ninjaa
20. Absolute Monarchy ft. ENG

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