Pam pam….quess what? Jedi Mind Tricks au anunţat lansarea unui nou album, intitulat „Violence Begets Violece„! Data lansării este 25 Octombrie!

Mai jos aveţi coperta şi tracklistul! Can’t wait!:D


1. Intro

2. Burning the Mirror

3. When Crowds Descend Upon You (feat. Demoz)

4. Fuck Ya Life (feat. Blacastan)

5. Imperial Tyranny (feat. King Magnetic)

6. Design in Malice (feat. Young Zee and Pacewon)

7. Weapon of Unholy Wrath

8. Target Practice

9. Carnival of Souls

10. Willing a Destruction Onto Humanity

11. Chalice (feat. Chip Fu)

12. Bloodborn Enemy

13. The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms

14. Street Lights

AOTP they know we be O-N T-O-P