Another Doomtree member on the list: Sims released on the 15th of February his 2nd album – Bad Time Zoo.

Bad Time Zoo drops 6 years after his debut album called Lights Out Paris.

Fans reaction: It was about time Sims dropped another album, this meaning another big step forward for Doomtree Crew.

My opinion: I’m not a big Doomtree fan, but I have to admit they have potential. As for Sims’ album I appreciate the themes he chose: consume culture, avidity, personal interests and many other defects that describe today’s society that we live in, but what’s most interesting is the way he manages to touch these subjects without boring us or sounding flat in any way.




01. Future Shock
02. Burn It Down
03. Bad Time Zoo
04. Too Much (Feat. POS )
05. One Dimensional Man
06. In My Sleep
07. When It Rolls In
08. Good Times
09. LMG
10. The Veldt
11. Weight
12. Radio Opaque
13. Sink Or Syncopate
14. Hey You

Click on Sims’ bandcamp page to listen and/or buy his album.