Repari (3): Cymarshall Law

Posted: 5th October 2011 by itsblu in Beat Makers, Download Albums, Rappers, News

Now this shit is hot!!!
In 2008, on “Hip Hop In The Soul” stated his mission in Hip Hop: “I’m doin this to represent the regular man, the regular woman -the-9-to-5 workers. My dudes in college. My dudes on the block. I’m doin’ this for anybody who ever tried to hold me back – that tried to hold YOU back. Know what I’m sayin’? This is the rawest, purest part of me- Hip Hop In The Soul… because there’s only one of us- Let’s go!” Three years later, Cy and Mr Joeker (producer) are back with the second part: “ Hip Hop In The Soul 2” with even more conscious rhymes over the Hungarian producer’s beats.

Born in Luton, England (nearby London) but raised in Jersey, Law brings a vibe of “universal-feel-good-conscious rap” to the hip-hop table. Doesn’t matter what kind of rapper you are, wheter you dig Doc, Uzzi, Puya or Tataee you will find at least a couple of tracks on this project that will make you nod your head.

Cy is a storyteller dwelling among MC’s that rap about money, how to make money, or how they made money (fuck’em!). The fact that Cymarshall is a standout MC is simple, he has a message that has/needs to be heard. Besides the fact that it is a solid follow-up to the ’08 album, Hip Hop In The Soul 2 is pure hip hop for the soul. The combination between Cy’s lyrics and the exceptional production from MR. Joeker produces yet another extraordinary album and the second part of what we hope will be a long line of good music. Did I mention that this man puts out his music for free? Listen/Download here!.
Fav track: How I feel!

sursa:  Kevin Nottingham 

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